Accommodation in Ibiza

Honesty is one of our trademarks. Therefore, on this section we will point out the main strong and weak points of each kind of accommodation Ibiza has to offer. We hope it will be useful, and also that you will choose MC Apartamentos :-)

There are only 4 camping grounds in the island, located in San Antonio and in Es Canar. Lately, the kind of tourist who goes for this option is basically that of a young age. 

In Ibiza, there is also a variety of hostels, guesthouses and boarding houses. Most of them have a central location -with all that implies- and average rates, although they are not very up to date regarding equipments and facilities.

Hotels are highly recommended for childless couples who opt for relaxing holidays and enjoying nearby beaches and the spectacles and entertainment activities offered by the hotel. Your room will be cleaned daily, and you will be able to forget about cooking your own meals. In case this is your holiday choice, then it is setlled! Good luck (and we recommend you choose 3-star hotels or higher)!

For families with an only child, some hotels have bedrooms which admit an extra bed. Nonetheless, bigger families (who need rooms for at least 4 guests), may have a tough time finding a hotel which offers that kind of accommodation. In that case, it would be better to choose either a holiday/tourist apartment or an Aparthotel. This last, is a combination between a hotel and an apartment. It offers entertainment, meals, daily-cleaning and bigger rooms. However, kitchen facilities are not their best feature, and the offer of this kind of accommodation in the island is very limited.

Staying in an apartment is probably the best option, then. Unlike the private ones, the tourist/holiday apartments are strictly regulated according to the official institutions’ guidelines. This control, guarantees their quality and services (such as a reception, security, cleanliness, change of sheets and towels, air-conditioning, television…). Choosing an apartment is highly recommended for those who wish to enjoy their trip to the fullest by exploring the island autonomously, without being restricted to following strict timetables or to staying in certain areas.